Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Burger Hot Dogs

Yesterday I was looking through an old cook book, for a water smoker, for something different to cook. Hamburger wrapped around a dill pickle spear and served in a hot dog bun. I must have missed this; I would have tried them long ago.

The recipe was for 1/3 cup of crushed potato chips, 2 TBS of hot mustard, mixed with 1 ½ lbs. of ground beef. I used Grey Poupon country style instead of hot mustard and used ½ cup of crushed potato chips.

I would try some frozen sweet potato fries and do a stuffed Anaheim pepper wrapped in bacon. I stuffed it with a mix of my chorizo sausage, cream cheese, and 2 TBS. of Philly cooking cream, Santa Fe style.

I mixed the ground beef & put in a gallon plastic bag, rolled out as for a fatty. A good trick I read was to cut away one side of the bag, after rolling out, place a piece of wax, or parchment paper over it & flip over. Then remove the plastic bag and use the paper to help in the rolling up. It works well.

I started my smoker on smoke mode P1 & averaged 190 deg. At 4:30 I put the popper on; maybe I should call it a torpedo popper! In 15 min. I put the burger dogs on. I sprayed my sweet potato fries with a little olive oil & some seasoning salt, in a basket then on the smoker. At 5:00 I went to 225 deg. Then at 5:15 I went to 275 deg. At 5:45 all was done, a couple of my dogs had split open where I didn’t get the seam sealed good.

The wife & I both liked them, ½ of the torpedo popper was plenty for me. Bottom line on the burger dogs is, save the effort, a hamburger patty topped with dill pickles is just as good & much easier to do, unless you want the novelty of serving burgers on a hot dog bun. This is one that children might like to help with. This was the first time I tried the frozen sweet potato fries & they were good.

Frying the chorizo

Meat rolled out

Ready to assemble

Burger dogs

Pepper stuffed

All done

My Plate

Smokin Don

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