Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chuck Roast Italian Beef Sandwiches

Tonight we had Italian beef sandwiches, one of my favorites, but then I have a lot of favorites! I did some awhile back using chuck, a large English roast. I did it as I would do pulled pork. I did it seasoned, folded & tied, on the smoker grate until 165 deg then placed it in a foil pan with onions, peppers & beef broth. I then covered w/foil & took to 190 deg. I pulled it & for the sandwiches I served the reserved au jus for dipping.

I thought I probably wasted a lot of good flavor by doing it on the grate first, so this one I did on a rack set over a foil pan to catch the drippings from the start.

I had bought some of Louie’s Italian Beef seasoning packs to try on this one. You mix it with 6 cups of water and say for 3 lbs of beef. I had bought two English cut chuck roasts, each a little over 2 lbs., certified Angus. They were pretty lean. I seasoned one up with, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, oregano & some pepperoncini peppers. I placed the other roast on top, tied, & seasoned. I wrapped it in saran wrap & in the fridge over night.

I did it while I was making a pot of pork, ham, & beans. I got it on at 9:30 am on smoke mode averaging about 185 deg. I had it in a rack over a foil pan; I had mixed a couple TBS of Louie’s seasoning with 2 cups of water & poured it into the pan. After 1 ½ hours on smoke I went to 225 deg & planned on staying there until done.

At 3:00 pm it was only at 153 deg IT, at 3:30 it was still at 153 deg so double checked it w/my hand probe. It was right so decided to cover with foil & I added a cup of water first. At 4:00 it was at 154 deg IT, I have never had one go into a stall at that low of temp. By 5:00 it was only at 170 deg. I decided if you want to be that stubborn you are done! I have a good pot of beans to eat for my supper.

I pulled it & wrapped in foil to let cool. I poured the au jus in a bowl & all in the fridge when the meat had cooled. I enjoyed the beans & cornbread and would worry about the beef for tomorrow’s supper.

I woke up to blowing snow, so I was glad I had the beef cooked. After lunch I untied & sliced it, I had 3 ½ lbs of meat. I planned to do in my Crockpot. I skimmed the fat from the reserved au jus. I had 2 cups so I mixed 4 cups of water with the rest of Louie’s seasoning & poured all into a sauce pan to heat up. I placed the beef in the Crockpot, some sliced onion, red & green pepper. I poured the boiling au jus over it & turned on high.

In 2 ½ hours my Chicago style Italian beef was ready. I served the wife & me; a generous portion of beef, some peppers & onions on a hoagie roll and ladled au jus over it. I served some oven baked sweet potato fries along with it. It was delicious, I was glad the meat was tender & with Louie’s seasoning about as close to an authentic Chicago Italian beef sandwich as you will get.

Louie's Italian Beef Seasoning

One Roast Seasoned

Another Roast on top, tied & seasoned

On the smoker & ready to foil

All done


This shows the Smoke Ring

In the Crockpot

My Plate

Smokin Don

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