Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ham Loaf, Easy Meal

Last nights supper was an easy one with almost no prep. If you do most of your cooking & dining at home you need these types of meals once in awhile. The only prep was some peach glaze for my ham loaf. I made it from ½ cup of peach preserves, 2 TBS Dijon mustard, & 1 TBS of honey, just mixed & heated on the stove.

The ham loaf was from my butcher, Kah Meats, oven ready & about as good as I could make, about 1 ½ lbs. My potatoes were Bob Evens hash brown bake and they are about as good as I can make. My veggie would be seasoned mixed greens, Margaret Holmes brand, and heated right out of the can. I love greens but my wife does not so she was having cold pickled beats. The greens were pretty good with a little salt & pepper but would have been better if you fried 2 or 3 slices of bacon to add with some of the bacon grease & some chopped onions, and a little vinegar & oil.

I had marinated a box of Cheez It baby Swiss cheese crackers with some olive oil, Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle & Penzey’s Cajun seasoning overnight. I smoked them for an hour just before getting my supper on. A take on my Cajun crackers and sure makes a good snack. With the Cheez Its I just drizzle some olive oil on to coat well, add seasoning of your choice & let set overnight, stirring some then smoke for an hour at 180 deg.

After smoking my snack crackers I preheated the smoker to 325 deg, spooned some of the peach glaze over the ham loaf & on the smoker. After 45 min; I inserted a temp probe & the IT temp was at 140 deg. I added some more of the peach glaze & went to 350 deg.
In another 20 min. it was at 160 deg IT so pulled it & tented with foil while I heated the potatoes & greens in the microwave, about 10 minutes total. All served up it was a pretty good meal with little prep time!

My Cheez Its Snacks

I forgot in my original post, my two easy sides

Ham Loaf w/glaze ready for the smoker

All done

My Plate

Smokin Don


  1. I agree with you, it is nice to have an easy meal once in a while. Your ham loaf looks great. The crackers also look great. It looks like you have a great smoker. My sister has one and she loves it. She loves to smoke fish in her's, the fish always taste so good from the smoker.

  2. I love easy & delicious meals... this one would sure make me happy!

    Thank you for your kind words today - I really appreciate it.