Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Sweet Onions

You gotta have Onions to cook!

My Dad always said “You can’t cook without garlic & onions”. I find that to be true, I go through more onions & garlic in my cooking than any other item. I love onions prepared about any way you can think of. In my older age I don’t eat them raw as much, they give me indigestion, but I will suffer to have them on hamburgers, fried bologna sandwich, pork tenderloin sandwich, and chopped over ham & beans. In the summer I like to chop some garden fresh tomatoes, some Vidalia onions, & add them to cottage cheese for a delicious salad.

The Vidalia onion was first grown in Vidalia, Georgia, in the early 1930’s. I don’t remember when they first started showing up in the grocery stores here in Ohio. I would say about 1990. They were so sweet you could eat them like an apple. The only problem was, they don’t store well for long periods. In early fall they started disappearing from the stores and you had to wait until early summer to find them again.

Then there was a store that had imported onions from Peru called O-so-sweet in the winter months. They were large onions and very sweet. That store closed a few years ago so I lost my winter source of sweet onions.

Bland Farms is a grower of Vidalia onions you can find in the local stores here. I think this is the third year now you can find the Peru onions imported by them during their off season. They are as good as the Vidalia onions, so now I can enjoy super sweet onions the year around. These are smaller than the O-so-sweet onions.

I am not sure if you people in other countries can buy these onions, Vidalia, O-so-sweet, or Peru, but if you can be sure & try them. Like the saying says they only make you cry when you run out!

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