Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brisket Burnt End Chili

Yesterday was chili time. I had some brisket burnt ends saved that would go good. I had one lb. of the ends & bought a pound of ground round to add too. I decided to use a Crockpot & let it simmer all afternoon. I browned up the ground round some, added the chopped onion & cooked until starting to get soft. I then added the ground Ancho chili & smoked paprika, stirred until the meat was starting to stick to the skillet. I added it to my Crockpot, the diced up burnt ends & all the rest of the ingredients & set on high for two hours then turned to low.

A Mexican friend & good cook told me when you brown meat for soups or stews, you gotta add the seasoning to the meat, not to the pot later. My liquids was ½ bottle of dark beer, the tomatoes & about 1 cup of water. It made a fairly thick chili. I was going to do an all meat Texas style but decided to add one can of red beans. My recipe is fairly mild; it just leaves a slight warmth in your mouth after eating. For you pepper heads you can add all the heat you want!

I added some Fritos & shredded cheddar cheese to my bowl, & had seconds. My wife liked it & I thought the burnt ends in it were a great addition.
I love Penzeys ground chilis & chili powders, you can get the heat you want. I have used their med. hot & I thought it was pretty warm

Printable Chili Recipe

Some of the chili fixins

Seasoning added to the meat

Ready for the pot

Brisket burnt ends

All in the Pot

My Bowl

Smokin Don

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