Friday, September 12, 2014

Backyard Food?

Sep 12 2014

BBQ is not the only food in my back yard. Here is a Coopers Hawk that flew in hoping for an easy lunch! I saw it fly in and land on the neighbors shed. I quickly put my telephoto lens on my camera. I opened the door quietly and was expecting it to fly away before I could get a shot of it.

It was perched on my fence right next to my finch feeder. I was able to get about 10 shots of it on the fence and one on the high wires where it flew to. They are a pretty bird. I was shooting in burst mode; its back was facing me, after the first shot it turned its head to the right to see me then stood up and looked before flying up to the wires.

I used to see these hawks in my yard more often when I was feeding all the birds and got some nice photos of them over the years. I haven’t seen one for a while so was glad to get these photos of one.

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