Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dilly Green Tomato Salsa

Sep 16 2014

I have been out of commission for a few days. Last week my hip and leg started to hurt. Thursday I thought it was better and I managed to cook Friday but by Saturday I could hardly walk. I almost went to the hospital emergency but waited until Monday to see my Doctor. It is something agitating my sciatic nerve and we decided to try meds for two weeks to see if that helps. I started the meds today. All of our friends know I do most all of the cooking and when it’s my wife’s turn we go out or get carry ins! We have been eating carry ins since last Saturday.

I felt good enough today after starting on my meds to make some salsa from my jar of pickled green tomatoes. They set fermenting for 8 days and tasted good so they went in the fridge for two days.

I cut the tomatoes up and removed most of the seeds and water; added a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley, two slices of garlic diced and two slices of sweet onion diced. I did add a small piece of the jalapeno from the pickled tomatoes and a pinch of sea salt. It was pretty sour so I added a tsp. of sugar.

I liked it for a different salsa and it won’t last long. My wife did not like it so if making again I would do half cilantro, half parsley and some more jalapeno for heat.

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