Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Caprese Tomato Quiche

Sept 01 2014

It didn’t seem like a holiday week-end here, no big party! Saturday I had a large tree limb come down from my Cleveland pear tree. I spent a few hours today getting all the limbs sawed off and out for the city to pick up. Our son is coming in the morning to help me saw up the rest of the limb.

Having plenty of tomatoes from my garden I found a recipe for a Caprese tomato quiche to fix for our supper. The recipe was by Zlo at food52. I cheated and used a frozen puff pastry for the crust! I had some smoked brats left to have with mine and my dipping sauce; equal parts of yellow mustard, hot mustard and smoky horseradish sauce.

I think my wife just had the quiche. We liked it and will do it again. Zlo did not give an oven temp. but I figured 350 deg. and mine was in for 35 minutes. I think it could have gone a few more minutes, the very center was not set up as well as I like.

Tomato cheese mix added to the crust

Egg heavy cream mix added

Finished baking

My supper

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