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RouxBDoos Creole Red Beans over Rice

Sep 20 1014

I always like using my cast iron 5 quart Dutch oven for cooking. I borrowed this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, RouxBDoo, who I have been following for years. He does 3 blogs about New Orleans Cajun and Creole cooking, RouxBDoos Cajun and Creole Food Blog, Nola Cuisine and New Orleans Cuisine. I chose his Creole Red Bean Stew for tonight’s supper. He used canned red beans in his recipe and I used dry red beans soaked overnight, and instead of Andouille I had some of my butchers smoked sausage and some of my Tasso from the freezer to use. I used Rotel’s mild tomatoes and chilies; along with the Cajun seasoning and hot sauce it was the right amount of heat for me.

By 2:00 I had all in the pot bubbling good and put the lid on to simmer for a while. I had time to sit and have a few beers and enjoy the almost 80 deg. breezy day. At 4:00 I took the lid off the pot to let it reduce and thicken the sauce. I mixed up a boxed corn bread mix and baked it in my Wapak cast iron 9 inch skillet. The Wapak skillet is hollow ware; at least 80 years old and one I cleaned and re-seasoned.

At 5:00 the stew was getting thickened so I put the lid back on and got my rice cooking. At 20 till 6:00 I added a few good shakes of smoked paprika and stirred good then served it all at 6:00. What you see on the plate edges is some Savor’s WOW seasoning I sprinkled over the stew. My usual seasoning is some fresh ground 4 peppercorn blend.

That was a plate full of goodness, the smoke from the Tasso, smoked sausage and smoked paprika blended well with the heat level for a great taste.


Heating the butter and bacon grease

Veggies sauteing

Sliced meat

Meat and dry seasoning added

Tomatoes, water and wet seasoning added

Beans added

Uncovered after two hours

For the cornbread

A pat of butter heating in the skillet

Batter poured in

Done baking

Came out clean and a nice color

Ready to serve


The rice

Serving the stew

My supper

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