Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pork Spare Rib Ragu over Yellow Grits

Sep 06 2014

Several rain cells went through last night and left it cloudy and cool today. That was a welcome from yesterday’s 92 deg. and 60% humidity.

Thursday I did some St. Louis cut ribs, Memphis dry style, with Tim’s Savor Spices Top Secret seasoning. My butcher did not have any fresh ones so I bought some Tyson ribs at the grocery. My second mistake was cooking them, I did them on my Traeger at temps and times, and wrapping in foil that works for me. The last ones I did were fall off the bone a little too well done.  These were underdone and tough; hardly pull off the bone. No matter how good the rub is I can’t say tough ribs are good. I decided not to even post. I did eat 3 and liked the seasoning.

Having more than half the ribs left I was thinking of how to use it. I have seen a lot of beef short rib Ragu recipes lately so thought I would do some pork Ragu and have it over some yellow stone ground grits.

I and my wife thought it came out good. The Top Secret rub on the ribs was enough to season the Ragu well. With the cool weather it tasted good tonight. It was good enough to me I took the time to write a recipe. If some in your family do not like grits tell them it is polenta and they will probably like it! It would be good over pasta too.
The ribs


Veggies sauteeing

Tomato paste added

Chicken stock added

Fresh tomatoes added

Rib meat added

After a half hour simmering

Cream added ready to serve

The grits

My supper


  1. It takes me six hrs to cook my ribs on my pellet grill. They fall off the bone and yum yum. Spray with apple juice every 20 mins or so. Last hr wrap in foil and BBQ sauce if we want and yumm,. Just found your blog can't wait to look around.

  2. Thanks Cindi and hope you enjoy! Don