Friday, August 29, 2014

Brats, Carrots and Leftovers

Aug 28 2014

A cooler day, 75, had 91 yesterday! I was glad since I had to trim the back yard. I’ll mow tomorrow. After I trimmed I cooked a pan of tomatoes down to use for sauce.

Tonight’s supper was pretty simple and easy to do. I did 4 brats on the smoker on grill grates. The brats were fresh tomato garlic from my butcher. I did them for 25 minutes at 200 deg. grill level and then eased it up ending at 350 grill level for a another 35 minutes. Total cook time was one hour.

I had nuked some organic carrots in butter and WOW then on the grill the last 20 minutes. I made me some dip for the brats, yellow and hot mustard with some smoky horseradish sauce. We had some of the leftover tomato and corn casserole. I had a little bread with a little butter and a Hopin Helles to wash it all down!

Carrots nuked

For my dipping sauce

Ready on the smoker

My supper

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