Saturday, August 9, 2014

Brat and Chorizo Patties w/Corn on the Cob

Aug 07 2014

It’s about mid-season for sweet corn here in NW Ohio so have to enjoy it when it’s in. I get mine from a veggie wagon that has local corn picked fresh daily. It is more expensive than most but it is the best and sweetest corn you can get. The farm, Sutters, does a lot of good, they employ all college kids to pick and run all their stands.

Most of their corn is the yellow white mix but they had some white I chose for today. I had some Johnsonville grillers, brats, w/cheese and bacon and some of their Chorizo. I made up a couple of patties from the Chorizo. I did them on my Weber gas grill on the flip side or grill grates; at about 400 deg. for 10 minutes and then flipped for another 8 min. I moved them to the warmer rack and toasted some Boullio buns for a couple of minutes.

My corn was done steaming a few minutes before the brats were done and had the burner turned off.
I took all inside to serve. We had some gorgonzola, garlic and chive butter on the corn and a side of marinated tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

My wife had a brat griller w/mustard and pickle. I had a brat griller and a Chorizo patty w/mustard and topped with a Vidalia onion slice. Man that tasted good!

I don’t think I will be buying any more of the griller patties, for me they have too many additives; I will stay with my butchers brats that have very little additives. If I want to do patties I can take his brats out of the casings and make them. I did like the Chorizo; all I have been able to but around here is the fine ground in a tube. I like the coarser sausage like Chorizo.

The grillers


Soaking the corn

Ready to steam the corn

On the grill

Toasting the buns

Corns done

My supper

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