Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Borsin Cheese Appetizer and Chicken Fajitas

Aug 12 2014

It was another cool Aug. day here. I wanted to do my fajitas outside but it was rainy by late afternoon; so this was done in cast iron but inside stovetop.

I am supposed to get my wide skewers tomorrow so went to my butchers for some ground chuck. I want to try Ahron, Africanmeat’s recipe for some Eastern kabobs for supper. I also got a 2 ¼ lb. pork loin and some bacon. I want to use it on my Weber rotisserie.

After lunch I got the ground chuck mixed up and in the fridge overnight for the kabobs. I had a large chicken breast half and 3 thighs left for the fajitas. After I got the breast cut up that was plenty just for the wife and I so the thighs went in the freezer.

I got the breast meat seasoned with some chili powder, cumin and garlic flakes. It looked a little dry so added about a tablespoon of ketchup to moisten some. It went in the fridge for about 3 hours before cooking. For an appetizer I was fixing a favorite; baked Borsin cheese and marinara sauce with toasted pita bread for dipping. I was using the pita bread for the fajitas too.

My wife came home from an auction about 3:30; she only spent $20 so I got off cheap! She said she was hungry so told her I would do the appetizer at 5:00 and then fix the fajitas. I got the appetizer in the oven at 350 deg. for 15 minutes and then turned the oven off and turned the broiler on. I toasted two pita breads and cut in wedges. I pulled the appetizer out when the cheese was getting brown; about 4 minutes. I snipped some fresh chives for on top.

We sat down and had our fill of that; it was good! After a short rest I started the fajitas. I cooked the chicken, med. high, in some olive oil until browned and then removed. I added in some sliced red peppers and onion and went to med. heat. When the onions were clear I added two small tomatoes cut in thin wedges. The juice from them deglazed the skillet some. The tomatoes were from my garden, not quite ripe but the taste was good.

I let that all heat up some and then added the chicken back in. While that all was getting happy I sprayed two pita breads with olive oil and toasted on my cast iron griddle; about 2 minutes per side. I served the fajitas with a little sour cream on top. My wife agreed that it tasted pretty darn good!

The appetizer


Chicken browned and removed

Red peppers and onions in

Tomatoes in

Chicken added back in

Toasted pita bread

My fajita

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