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Eastern Kababs and Israeli Couscous

Aug 13 2013

Thanks to two fellow Les Talk BBQ members recipes tonight’s cook was fun to do and delicious! I did Ahron, africanmeat’s Eastern Kababs and 1BIGG_ER’s Israeli couscous. I used my Weber Jumbo Joe for this cook.

I cut Ahron’s recipe in half; a pound was enough for the wife and me. I cut the crushed red pepper a little for my wife and cut the Coriander, cilantro leaves some. It was in the fridge overnight and I made them up a few hours before I cooked to set up some in the fridge.

My Steven Raichlen 3/8 wide skewers came this morning in time for my cook. I wish I could have found some wider ones. After fixing I think the meat would stay on the wider ones better. I had two of them almost come apart on me but managed to keep them on the skewers. Ahron used 70-30 ground beef and I used 80-20 so maybe more fat would keep them together better or there is a knack to doing them.

Note the spelling kabab; it is European and Middle Eastern meat on a skewer. We usually call them kabobs here and can be about anything, meat, veggies, and fruit or any combination on a skewer.

For Biggs couscous I used just red bell peppers, I like some heat but the wife does not. Otherwise I stuck pretty close to his recipe.

I did up two slices of yellow squash with olive oil and Penzey’s Fox Point seasoning to do along with the kababs. I had a crusty baguette with some gorgonzola, garlic chive butter for a side. For me the kababs need some good mustard; I had mild yellow but would be great with hot mustard. I had some sliced almonds for on top of the couscous but forgot to add them. I knew my wife would not want them; I will have some on the leftovers.

We both thought the supper was great! Thanks for two great recipes guys; they are a keeper for me!
Ingredients for kababs

Mixed up

Ready for the grill

Salad dressing

Salad ingredients

Veggies are in

Cooking the couscous

Salads done

Squash ready to grill

Meat grilling

Ready to serve

My supper

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