Saturday, October 8, 2016

Chilly Out so Chili In Tonight

Oct 08 2016

A pretty day but the winds made it feel pretty chilly. I have been hungry for chili so it was a nice day to fix a batch. I knew the wife likes thick sauce chili but I was hungry for my Wendy’s style chili with a thinner sauce. I used my Instant Pot and next time I will get some ground round 90-10 mix and do it all in the pot. I had a pound and half of ground chuck 80-20 so I used a CI skillet to brown it; that made it easier to drain off most of the fat.

After browning the beef I added all to the pot and mixed well. I put it on sauté until it boiled a while then went to slow cook normal mode.  It was on over 4 hours when we ate. I did correct the seasoning with more chili powder and salt. I only used 1 can of beans and since I just had 1 ½ pounds of beef I just added 3 cups of water. In the ingredients pic the celery is missing, I thought the wife was coming home after church with it but she did other running before!  I added it in later.

We both had it with saltines and butter and didn’t want any toppings. You see I did add some more mustard to mine; I like that more sour taste it gives it.

Click Here for printable chili recipe


Browning the beef

All in the Instant Pot

Ready to slow cook

Ready to serve

My supper

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