Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Beef Fajitas and Rice

Oct 25 2016

I always welcome an easy cook that taste good. With some leftover beef or chicken fajitas is a good choice. With outside help like McCormick’s fajita sauce and a box of rice Like Zatarain’s makes it that much easier.

I had thawed out some thin sliced beef flank steak and had some McCormick’s fajita sauce and a box of Zatarain’s red beans and rice. I had some orange and green pepper in the freezer I sliced up with an onion.

I did the rice in my rice cooker and warmed some corn tortillas in a skillet. I did the onions and peppers in some olive oil in a skillet and then added the sliced beef. I let that cook about 5 minutes then added the sauce and it simmered about 10 minutes while the rice finished up.

I served the fajitas with some shredded cheese and sour cream. It tasted pretty good for quick and easy. I had some guacamole with mine.

Fajita ingredients

Onions, peppers and beef in

Sauce in and ready to serve

My supper

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