Monday, October 3, 2016

B&K's Coney Dogs

Oct 03 2016

In 1958 I turned 16 and bought my first car, a 1947 Ford Coup. A favorite thing was to just cruise around.
My hometown of Ohio City was pretty small so our favorite place to cruise was the main drag in Van Wert Ohio. A favorite hangout there was the B&K Root Beer Drive In. You could get two Coney dogs, fries and a mug of root beer, I think for less than $2. It was also popular to cruise through several times during a night to see who was there.

 They are still open during the summer; I ate there several years ago but just didn’t seem as good as I remember. It looks the same as it used to.

I get hungry for Coney or chili dogs and have tried different recipes. For tonight’s I had looked up a copy of B&K Coney Dog sauce and this recipe was in quite a few places and about the same ingredients. I had usually browned my beef first and then added the sauce and seasoning. It looked like here it was just add all the ingredients and simmer an hour or so.

I made my Coney sauce this afternoon and had some good old fashioned hot dogs from my butcher Kah Meats to use. I had leftover corn chowder to have with the dogs.

I did the hot dogs on my Weber Spirit heated on med. to 400 deg. and did the dogs 4 minutes per side. When the split they are just right! We heated up the chowder and Coney sauce. My wife just had sauce and shredded cheddar on her dog and I had sauce and chopped onion on mine.

Tasted pretty great!! As good as they used too? Well no but I am not 16 anymore either!!! The recipe does make pretty good sauce!

Click Here for printable Coney sauce recipe

For the Coney Sauce

In the pot

Sauce is done

Hot dogs done on the gill

My corn chowder

My Coney dog

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  1. Oh my Don, I remember going to B&K for the coney dogs also...those were the days! Is your recipe available.? Sure did make me hungry seeing the pictures...cousin patty