Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sausage n Kraut n Corn on the Cob

Jun 29 2014

Today we went to my Moms and took her some food from my left overs. My supper tonight was quick and easy. Last night I had decided to have brats and use some of the last of my kraut. Don’t tell my butcher I cheated on him but it was too late to get some from him so I settled on some of Sam’s Choice original smoked sausages. I was getting mighty hungry for some good corn on the cob too.

We stopped at Krogers on the way home and I got a pack of 5 ears of corn already cleaned. I also got some wild caught shrimp to use in my wok for a stir fry this week.

I got the corn in my rice cooker to steam, that’s my favorite method for corn. I heated my Weber Spirit to about 400 deg. and did the sausages on grill grates. They were precooked and figured 5 min. per side. When I checked them they didn’t look done so I let them on another 3 min. When I turned them they were done, already burst! I sprayed the tops of the buns with olive oil and toasted them a couple minutes.

My wife and I both had the sausages with mustard and kraut and the corn with some good butter, Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle and parmesan. The sausages were decent but not as good as some of Kah’s fresh brats. The corn was good, usually I am disappointed in store bought corn but this was good. I had some of the last of my tomato asparagus salad too.

The sausage

All done

Ready to serve

My Corn

My plate

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