Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beef and Veggie Stir Fry over rice

Jul 18 2014

I had my dry brined eye of round for the beef in this dish. I sliced off three slices and cut in strips and then in half. A half hour before cooking I added some soy sauce, diced onions and dried garlic flakes to the beef to marinate for a while. I had rice with some dried onion and garlic flakes, salt and pepper in my rice cooker to be ready.

My veggies were some carrots sliced, snap peas from a friend’s garden, green beans, baking powder slurry and some diced green onions and celery. My seasonings were pretty simple seasoned stir fry oil, soy sauce and some dried garlic flakes. Most stir fries will have a little ginger but I am not a ginger lover so usually don’t use it.

This was the second time using my new wok and I haven’t used my outdoor burner with a wok lately. I started out with it too hot and was glad I had some beer to add to cool it down some until I got it adjusted.

I started with the marinated beef, and only did about a minute and removed it. I added a little oil and then the carrots, green beans, celery and green onions. I stirred a little and then put a lid on to steam them a few minutes. I then added the snap peas and stirred a couple of minutes; I added the beef back in and stirred a minute then added in the baking powder slurry and stirred to mix. I put the lid back on a couple of minutes and it was ready to serve.

We all loved it served over the rice and the grandson ate a nice amount. He has his rice on the side though. The fresh snap peas from our friend’s garden were delicious and the beef was nice and tender.


Beef in for a minute then removed to add later

Carrots, green beans, celery and green onions added

Steamed a few minutes with lid on

Snap peas added

All in and ready to serve

My supper

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