Monday, July 7, 2014

Smokestack Wings, Drummy Pops and Potato Salad

Jul 06 2014

Our son got home last night from his six weeks in Las Vegas so today I fixed his favorite, Smokestack wings and potato salad. This finished my cooking for July 4th week-end. The wing recipe is from Saveur courtesy of Jack Stack BBQ, Kansas City, MO; I adapted to my pellet smoker. I think his first restaurant was called Smokestack. The potato salad is my adaption of Justin Wilson’s picnic potato salad for 2 ½ pounds of potatoes. The daughter in law brought dessert, a mix of angel food cake, blueberries, strawberries and some kind of whipped cream.

I made up the potato salad at 9:30 this morning and in the fridge to all get happy.

I had a package of 10 drummies to make some drummy pops wrapped in bacon with 6 of them and all seasoned with MoRockin chicken seasoning. I had 8 wings for the Smokestack wings. I made up the pops at noon and seasoned all the wings and in the fridge until time to cook. After one hour I gave the pops a coat of Kah’s BBQ sauce.

We were having my Boursin baked cheese dip with toasted flat bread for our appetizer. It is simply the cheese in a baking dish; about ¾ quart of Marinara sauce poured around it, baked at 350 deg. for 15 minutes. This time I put it under the broiler just until the cheese started to brown. I toasted the flat bread on my iron griddle.

I had the wings on my Traeger and the appetizer almost ready when the kids got here just before 5:00. I served them and the wife the appetizer while I tended to the rest of my cooking. I did manage to grab a couple pieces of the bread and cheese.

At 5:20 I turned the smoker up to 325 deg.; added BBQ sauce to the pops and sauced the Smokestack wings. All was ready to serve at 6:00. I nuked some sliced carrots, with a little butter, water and WOW seasoning for the daughter in law and grandson.

We all enjoyed the supper. I loved those pops but probably will not do them again. I fought and wrestled every drummy to get the skin off! They make it look so easy in the videos! Maybe using legs would be easier.

Printable Recipes for wings and potato salad

For the Potato salad

For the wings




Wings 1 hour in

Saucing the wings

All done

My supper

My dessert

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