Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cast Iron Gas Burner Info

Jul 16 2014

A fellow BBQ enthusiast wrote me e-mail; and asks what I had under a skillet on my gas burner in one of my posts. It is a cast iron diffuser plate. It is about ¼ inch thick. Early using cast iron cook ware on the burner I had trouble keeping the heat down and not burning stuff. I found this diffuser plate on the net and it helped; so I use it all the time.

In the first pic you can see the burner which is at least 20 yrs. old. It is about as simple a burner as they make and should last a life time. One accessory I found necessary is the venturi brush you see to clean out spider webs after not using a while. If it gets plugged you will notice it by not being able to get a nice blue flame.

The second pic shows the bottom of the diffuser plate. You can see it is recessed.

The third pic shows the plate in place.

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