Friday, July 11, 2014

Leftover Serbian Loin Sandwich and Potatoes

Jul 10 2014

A little bit of work about wore me out today! After getting my front flower bed redone by a landscaper I wanted to change the mulch under my two trees to match. Over the years I had been using shredded Cyprus but it got to where they added too many wood chips and I was getting tire of mowing over those that washed into the grass. I had not added any for a few years and was surprised how much was there yet.

Me and the dog went this AM and got a scoop of brown mulch in my truck. After my daily call to my 92 yr. old Mom and some lunch I started on the mulch. I had most already picked up under the one tree but still got a wheelbarrow load from it. I got 3+ loads from under the other tree. I was moving it to a rear flower bed. Of course there were beer breaks. I think I averaged a beer per wheelbarrow load! I finished about 4:00 and cleaned up then had some rest before supper.

I wanted something quick and easy for supper. I had plenty of the Serbian stuffed loin left so cut two nice slices off for our supper. I vacuum sealed the rest and froze for later.

I had a bag of Green Giant back yard griller potato steamers that would make a quick side. I toasted some buns for the sandwiches and had two nice slices of tomatoes left to have. My wife had mustard and dill pickle on her sandwich. I had some of my cheese spread and a slice of Vidalia onion on mine. I reheated the pork loin in the microwave while the potatoes were resting.

The sandwiches were great, moist and tender, and surprisingly the nuked potatoes were pretty good too. So with some good leftover meat and a frozen side you can whip up a pretty good meal in about 20 minutes!

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