Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flax Seed Flat Bread and Compound Butter

Jul 23 2014

Today was a busy day for me. The son wanted to take a day off from fence building and I was glad too. Having had a lot of sandwiches lately I was ready for a meat potato and veggie meal with some good bread and butter.

This morning I gave my smoker a good cleaning out and changed the foil on the drip pan. I usually do that every cook or two but lately I have been a little lazy about it so it really needed it.

Inspired by fellow LTBBQ member Ahron, African meat’s linseed bread I wanted to make some. I looked up linseed and like I thought it is the same as flax seed. I found a recipe for flax seed flat bread I wanted to try. It looked simple and easy. I had some Bob’s Red Mill Inn flax seed meal to use. The only other ingredients were eggs, water, sugar and baking powder. No kneading or rolling, just mix, let sit 5 minutes, pour on a baking sheet, spread out and bake.

It turned out great. It has a distinct taste but I like it. I took it out after 13 minutes but next time will do the 15 minutes. It was soft and delicious with some of my gorgonzola, garlic chive butter smeared on! This bread was not for tonight’s supper but will probably eat some for breakfast.

I had not made any of my gorgonzola, garlic and chive compound butter lately and we were hungry for some. It is great smeared on some good bread or to top a good steak. I use a stick of butter some fresh chives and Penzey’s dried garlic flakes. I mix the softened butter, two heaping TBS. of crumbled gorgonzola cheese, a good TBS. of snipped chives and a TBS. of dried garlic flakes. I mash in the cheese with a fork and mix well, place all on a piece of plastic wrap and roll up. I made three sticks and will vacuum seal two and freeze for later.
Bread ingredients

Ready to bake


Bottom side


Butter ingredients

Three stages

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