Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leg Braces for Traeger 07E

This is an early mod I made to my Traeger. I have to move my grill out from the house when I want to use it. With the extra weight of 5 firebricks was getting worried about the legs coming loose. So I decided to add leg braces like many have. I spent the last two afternoons getting them cut & installed. I used 1/8x3/4 angle iron & plexiglass for the shelf. Probably not the best material but our local Lowes store did not have sheet metal large enough & didn't want to run all over looking for it. Besides it won't rust! As much as I like Lowes that's the problem, our two Hardwares we used to have closed up, they would have had the sheetmetal. I used #8 self drilling sheet metal screws, maybe a size too small but I can always go bigger. I used clamps to line up the angle iron & used a pilot drill through the angle iron into the leg & then drilled the holes in the angle iron bigger for the screws. Photo next, I added a couple items to the shelf so you can see it's there.
One tip is I offset the screws on each leg L&R so they would not butt up in the center & interfere with each other.

Material needed:
4 pieces of angle iron
1 sheet shelf material
self drilling sheet metal screws
hack saw for cutting angle iron
drill & driver for screws
saw to cut shelf material
& if your like me about a 12 pack

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