Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th

Flag Day at the Armstrong Museum 2009

Happy Independence Day, 4th of July! Today usually a day of family get together’s & picnics, and firework displays. Just the wife & I here and I am not cooking. We will go out to the County fairgrounds for some fair food. Wapakoneta’s St. Joseph Church has put on a 4th of July Picnic every since we can remember. We used to take the children for the evening. They had pony rides for the children, cake raffles, ladies sold their crafts, most of the food was provided by local organizations set up in tents. They sold beer, long neck bottles, iced down in horse watering tanks, they had a Polka Tent with a wooden dance floor, several games of chance & then all would gather to watch a great fireworks display at 11:00 PM. Later they would get more fair like, more rides for the children, plenty of fair food stands, and the beer is sold in a separate enclosed area. We will go out to get our traditional whole hog sausage sandwich but first we have to get my wife a lemon shakeup then some fair fries for both of us w/malt vinegar & salt then on to the little red barn, where the FFA sells the whole hog sausage patty sandwiches, singles or doubles & you can get cheese and all the condiments. I would like the fireworks but too late for me & we will probably head home not too long after we eat!

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