Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weber Gourmet Cheeseburgers

Last nights cook on the Traeger was quick & simple. Awhile back I was at Sam’s Club & they had a taste booth for Weber Gourmet Burgers, I liked them so bought a bottle of the seasoning to try. I found some baby broccoli & had two yellow squash just ready in my garden. I bought 1 ¼ lb. ground chuck, 80-20, at my butchers. This is the best blend for juicy burgers. Some Sargentos baby Swiss slices & a COWB, cheap ole white bun to hold it. I had a slice of Vidalia onion, & mustard on mine, my wife had dill pickle & mustard. I mixed a little over 2 tsp of the Weber seasoning in the hamburger & divided into 3 patties, center indented, per Bobby Flay. 30 min. at 300 deg. would do for the burgers. I put some lemon juice, a little olive oil, & Penzey’s Florida seasoned pepper on the broccoli. They would go into a basket & I put them on about 10 min before I put the burgers on. I cut the yellow squash in half long way, a little olive oil & Paula Deen’s crazy salt, 15 min turning half way through cooking on the grill. I found the baby broccoli should have been steamed or boiled instead of grilled. It came out slightly charred & stems were not done enough for me. After 30 min for the burgers I topped them with cheese & buns for just over 2 min. The yellow squash were a taste treat! The burger was juicy & done just right. They did not have the pretty grill marks like so many people rave about, but I say when you get them in the bun you don’t know if there are grill marks or not!

Seasonings & burgers

On the Traeger & about ready to add the cheese

My sandwich & veggies

Smokin Don

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