Monday, July 11, 2011

Adding a Second Shelf

I got this idea from Savannah Smoker on pelletheads forum. It will be nice for added room on large cooks. Mar 18, 2011 Snows gone, took my longjohns off, birds are chirping & building nests, & a nice 60+ yesterday so decided to give my 07E a spring cleaning & add the extra shelf I had bought this winter. I was inspired by Savannahsmoker but was in a stew about how to hold the angle iron in place to drill the holes. I measured just below the stack & found 17" was good for the length. Used 1/8 X 1 1/2" angle iron, 2 allen button head 1/4" bolts, nuts & lock washers. I predrilled the angle iron 2" in from the end, centered w/7/16 bit. I notched the one to accommodate temp probe. I came up with a block of wood 4 1/4" long to support the back of angle iron above the existing shelf support, used a c clamp w/a folded piece of sandpaper to protect the paint. I drilled the front hole first w/ 1/4" drill thru the angle iron then inserted bolt while I drilled the back hole. This worked well to hold the angle even. It should only take some a couple hrs but this ole man took all afternoon to clean, cut & drill the angle, & mount, plus at least a six pack! Smokin Don
A second thought would be to use 1 3/4" or 2" angle iron. It would be easier to get the shelf to fit in past the end lips. I had to cut my shelf a little longer than the opening, so it would not slide off & takes a little finessing to get in & out. Photos below.

Note: As with any modifications on the site, do so at your own risk. Also if your Traeger is still under warranty; any modifications may void your warranty.

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