Monday, August 1, 2011

Unskewered Beef & Veggie Kabobs

My wife’s trip back from St. Charles, Il did not go as planned. Sat. morning our daughter took her to catch the train into Chicago where she was to get on a bus non stop to Toledo & I would be there to pick her up. The train was late & she missed the bus, so took a cab to the airport. Earliest flight was at 4:45 pm to Dayton, arrive at 6:45. She had flown there for $100 & the bus was $40. The airlines scalped her cost her $360 for the flight since it was same day + charged her $30 to print the ticket, said since it was late, she was checking in 6 hrs before the flight! She arrived on time but had to wait an hour to get her bag, it didn’t come out with the others. She checked at the desk & said it was coming on a later flight, but they checked & it was in the back room. Oh well I got her back home & getting back to normal now!

For Sundays cook I decided to do my unskewered sirloin & veggie kabobs. I always had trouble keeping all the food on skewers when turning or some pieces refused to turn.
I find it much easier to just do them in my Pampered Chef grill basket, the one my wife bought me. I made fun of it at first saying I’ll probably never use it, it will be too hard to clean. Now I use it a lot! I would serve them over rice, Zatarain’s New Orleans style yellow rice. I would also do a couple of grilled peaches to serve alongside.
After lunch I cut up the sirloin & veggies, made the marinade, & got them in the fridge.
I used ½ stick of butter, 1 heaping Tbs brown sugar, & ¼ heaping tsp cinnamon, melted in the microwave & stirred, I would put this on the peaches after turning.
Just before time to start the kabobs, I got the smoker fired up & set to 325 deg, this would give me about 350 deg grill temp. Usually kabobs are done over direct flame, but the Traeger is indirect heat so I decided to do them slower for 30 min, turning & basting halfway thru, this method suits an old cook better than hot & fast! The peaches I would do cut side down for 10 min. turn & add butter mix, and do another 10 min. I got my rice on simmering & all came together pretty good. Wife & I both liked it. The sirloin was melt in your mouth, veggies tender crisp & the marinade added great flavor. The peaches went well with it. I used white peaches & would have been better if they had been riper, but still pretty tasty.

Printable marinade recipe

White peaches

Kabobs marinating

On the smoker

My plate

Smokin Don

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