Monday, July 4, 2011

Chicken Roll stuffed w/sausage

Yesterday I deboned a chicken after watching several how to videos, since this was my first attempt at it. It was not as easy as it looked in the videos! I just did the breast & thighs. I put the legs & wings in a bag & marinated w/Stubs chicken marinade. After deboning I cut a couple of slits in the thick part of the breasts, covered w/saran wrap & pounded to an even thickness. I put about ¾ lb seasoned sausage in a plastic bag & worked it into an even thickness to cover the chicken. I folded each side to the center & tied w/butchers twine. Put it in the fridge to dry some for a couple hours then rubbed on some olive oil, seasoned w/Lawry’s seasoning salt, no MSG, & some garlic granules. Covered w/saran wrap & back in the fridge. I melted about ¾ stick of butter, garlic granules, 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce, & a tsp of white balsamic vinegar and a few twists from the pepper mill for basting. I had some locally made potato salad for a side. I also opened a can of artichoke hearts, added some olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, garlic, & a little salt & pepper. I some little red onions I had bought at the Farmers Market I planned to grill & add to the artichokes. I grilled them at 300 deg on my Traeger for about 45 min, not as done as I would have liked but I sliced them in half & added to the artichokes. I set the chicken roll out about 4:30 at room temp & got it & the legs & wings on about 5 PM in the already hot Traeger, 300 deg. I put it in my rack seam side up so the sausage would baste the chicken & brushed on some of my butter 3 times, last time just before going to high. I had figured at least 1 ½ hrs for the chicken roll. At 5:30 went to 325 deg. At 6:00 the legs & wings were done & chicken roll was up to about 148 deg IT so set the Traeger on high to finish & brown some. Another 15 min the Treager was at 419 deg. & chicken roll was up 165 so turned down to smoke & got ready to pull it. I let it set 10 min. uncovered, removed the twine & sliced to serve. Very good, chicken was tender & moist. Should be some good leftovers! My wife & I had the wings for an appetizer before the roll was done, love that Stubs marinade.

Deboned chicken & sausage

Wrapped & tied


Red onions

On the grill

Ready to slice

Plated supper, note the cook gets the heel!

Leftovers to freeze.

Smokin Don

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