Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Hot to Smoke

The past few days it has been too hot to cook out here in Ohio, at least for me. 2 in the afternoon and it's 104 deg & 45% humidity. We had pizza last night from our favorite pizza place and it was extra good. Next week I plan to start building a deck with a roof so I can cook or sit out in the rain. It will probably take me awhile & won't be posting as many cooks, but we have to eat so will post when I can.
Some of the cooking sites or blogs have great photos. I could do the same since photography is also my hobby. I could use a light tent that I built & works fine, but I don't really have a good place to leave it sit out & besides my wife, who is somewhat of a neat freak, would not like it. Besides after a cook I am hungry & do not like cold food so I just do the best I can. I used to think presentation was a little silly but if it is presented right it tastes better. Here again I am usually just cooking for my wife & I so I do the best I can to quickly present a good looking plate. I probably will not be making many posts on places to eat, over the years we have ate in some pretty good places. The best lobster was in Cape Cod where we went for a week when the children were small, we all got tired of the great lobster & clam chowder so for a break we went to an Italian place one evening. Ruths Chris is the best steak we ever had & also loved the fried green tomato appetizer there. Emeril Lagasse has been one of my favorite chefs & influence so in Las Vegas we went to his Oyster Bar to eat. I had Cajun BBQued Shrimp, it was great but I thought one of his recipes I did, Crab stuffed jumbo shrimp with Meunire Sauce was better! While on a bus trip to Branson, Missouri we stopped at Lambert's Cafe, Only home of the throwed roll! They served family style & all you could eat. If you wanted a dinner roll you put up your hand & someone would throw you one. My wife had to be the first to try it, she missed & the roll hit a man sitting behind us in the head! We sometimes go to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or Texas Roadhouse. Our favorite place here in Wapakoneta is Woody's Diner, just 3 blocks from us. They have great broasted chicken, the best 1/2 lb. Angus burgers around, and we love their fair fries with malt vinegar & salt. The building was once the Greyhound Bus Stop here & that is where I met my wife in 1965, on the Greyhound bus out front. But now in my older age I prefer to stay at home & try to create good food! Smokin Don

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