Monday, July 11, 2011

Heat shield Mod

After about a year of using my Traeger I found the heat shield, or deflector, had warped some & did not set level. Looking at a lot of mods for a heatdeflector, some made heavier ones, some added a cast iron griddle. You can also buy a stainless steel one as well as other parts at pelletgrill but they are expensive. My stock heat deflector had warped some & I was thinking about adding a cast iron griddle. I could not find a griddle & then thought if Lowes has some heavy, ar least 1/4" steel large enough I will just add that. They had some 1/4X4X12" pieces so bought 3 & some bolts & locking nuts. I predrilled the plates & bolted them to the underside & the heat shield. I had thought maybe I could take the warp out before I bolted the plates in place but the warp would just spring opposite when I tried. When I bolted the first plate on the warp came right out & after all in place it sat level. One piece 1/4X12X12" would be better than my 3 pieces but that is all I could find handy. I just sprayed with pam & burnt in on Hi. Photos below.

Note: As with any modifications on the site, do so at your own risk. Also if your Traeger is still under warranty; any modifications may void your warranty.


  1. Lowes do sell a 1/4X12X12" piece of steel. I made this mod using the single piece as I had the same issue. Great tip.