Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Smoked Sausage W/Fried Potatoes and Cabbage

Sept 28 2016

We went from hot summer to fall in about 2 days here in Ohio. I don’t think it got much above 60 today. Oh well the supper I had planned would taste better in cooler weather. I had smoked sausage and fried potatoes and cabbage.

A little country store about 5 miles from here had some good looking sausage that came from a farm and butcher shop just south of here. I have wanted to see if it was good.

I decided to smoke the sausage on my Traeger for an hour then brown in a skillet. I had some Dutch baby yellow potatoes to use. I cleaned and cut in half about a pound of the Dutch potatoes and cut about ¾ small head of cabbage in 1 inch squares.

I poured about 1 ½ cups of water in my Instant Pot, added a steamer basket, the cabbage and potatoes. I lightly salted it. I did them on steam mode for 10 minutes after the sausage was on the smoker for a half hour. They would be done to add to the skillet.

After the sausage was on at 190 deg. on my smoker an hour I browned them up some, about 4 minutes per side in a skillet sprayed with a little olive oil. I removed them to a plate and added a couple pats of butter and the potatoes and cabbage to the skillet to brown some. I added a little salt and fresh ground pepper. When it was getting brown I nestled the sausage back in and heated about 5 minutes.

I served it with some toasted English muffins with butter. I had some Maille mustard with my sausage. The wife and I agreed it was good, pretty good sausage and we always like fried potatoes and cabbage!

The sausage

Potatoes and cabbage in the IP

Sausage ready on the smoker

Browning the sausage

Ready to serve

My supper

Yep some good sausage

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