Monday, September 19, 2016

Skirt Steak & Veggies over Rice

Sept 19 2016

Saturday I had taken a small skirt steak out of the freezer, just enough for a meal for the wife and me. I was glad a cooking tool came this morning, a Jaccard tenderizer. I kept putting it off even though many in here thought they were great. After Smoke, LTBBQ member, said he Jaccards all his red meat I thought time to get one. The skirt steak would be ideal to use it on. I got the original Jaccard brand.

I wanted to have some veggies and serve it all over rice. I had not used my Instant Pot to do rice so wanted to try it. I went for veggies this AM and got some asparagus, red pepper and sugar snap peas. I had some sweet onions to add too.

I prepped the veggies and added some olive oil, soy sauce, Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle and some dried garlic flakes to marinade about 45 minutes. I had some Stubbs Beef marinade for the skirt steak and it was in about 40 minutes after I had used the Jaccard on both sides. The Stubbs main ingredients are Soy, red pepper and garlic.

I heated my Weber Spirit to 400 deg. on med. heat, placed the veggies in a wire basket and on about 10 minutes before I put the skirt steak on. I did the skirt steaks about 4 minutes on the first side and flipped for another 3 minutes.  I stirred the veggies and poured a little marinade that was left over them.

I had my rice cooking in my Instant Pot, 1 cup of water, white rice rinsed in water and 2 Tbs. butter. It was done and on warm hold when I served. I let the steak set a few minutes before slicing.

The wife and I both thought it was a pretty good fast and easy meal. I added a little soy sauce to mine but she said it was fine without. The rice came out well in the IP but I like the little burnt crust my rice cooker adds for some more flavor. I didn’t have much pink in the steak so 3 -2 minutes instead of 4–3 might work better. I thought the Jaccard worked well for this cut of meat! The dog approved too!


Skirt steak in Stubbs beef marinade

About done on the grill

Letting the steak to rest

Rice is done

Steak sliced

My supper

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