Friday, September 9, 2016

Instant Pot Smoked Andouille, White Beans, Kimchi and Kale Soup

Sept 09 2016

My wife went to a concert with our daughter last night so it was time for me to cook something with beans. I had about a half quart of my kimchi left and wanted to use it in a hot dish. I have been making kimchi for years but never used it in a hot dish. Some sausage, beans and kale soup sounded perfect to add it in. I got some good andouille sausage from my butcher Kah Meats to use. I smoked it in my Traeger at 190 deg. for an hour and a half.

I have now used my Instant Pot to steam corn, make shredded beef, and cook some Hungarian beef and now to make soup. It is great to be able to sauté in the same pot and along with the glass lid it makes a great storage pot for the fridge.

I had some bread and butter with the soup and it was full of flavor. The heat from the andouille and the kimchi made it just right for me. Soup does taste good on a hot day if you're in air conditioning!

Click Here for printable recipe

The Andouille

Smoked in my Traeger

Ready for the pot

Onions and garlic in

A little stock and andouille added

Rest of stock, seasoning and kimchi added

Kale added in

My supper

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