Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Grilled Ribeyes & Lobster Tails, dog had rabbit!

Sept 13 2016

I had two nice rib eyes and found some good looking lobster tails at Krogers. I was getting hungry for lobster. These were rock lobster ½ pound each. I found a recipe that said to par boil them for two minutes then split and do on the grill with garlic butter.

The rib eyes were salted with kosher salt and on a rack in the fridge about 5 hours. I baked some garlic knots for bread and the wife made us a small salad. I par boiled the tails, split and brushed with garlic butter. The steaks I had figured about 5 minutes per side and start the lobster after they were flipped.

I had my Weber Spirit heated to medium 400 deg. and used the back on my grill grates. The steaks had been on 5 minutes and flipped. When they were about 135 deg. I put the lobster tails on cut side down for 3 minutes added some butter.  I checked and the tails had a nice char mark to them so turned the shell side down and brushed on more garlic butter.  After 4 minutes I checked the temp on the steaks they were done so moved them to the warming rack and let the lobster go a few more minutes.

The steaks just had salt & pepper and added a pat of Gorgonzola Chive Butter to serve.  The steaks were a little over done but still nice pink to them. The lobster tails I thought I was over cooking but we had to give them a short nuke in the microwave. Tasted great, the wife and I neither one could eat all the steak but managed to get the lobster down!

I was so engrossed in eating the lobster I didn’t miss the dog. He is usually sitting or lying by me hoping for a little bite. I called and he was not here, I checked the garage, he goes out there and I don’t see him sometimes and if the side door is open he wonders off. I went looking for him and went outside the fence and was calling and looking for him. He usually stays within the block in the back yards. I looked down one way in the alley and headed the other way. There he was inside the fence behind my shed eating on something.

Here he had a pretty good sized rabbit and except for the head had about the front half eaten. He gave it up pretty easy, must have been full! He looked pretty content and I guess he was saying go ahead and eat steak I’ll have rabbit!

Ribeyes and lobster tails

Garlic knots

Tails par boiled, split ready to grill

About done

Small salad

My supper

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