Saturday, September 17, 2016

Smoked Brats & Kraut W/Pierogie

Sept 17 2016

Today was a little cool and rainy all day here. I had almost a pound of kraut to use and some frozen brats from my butcher. After Pappy’s post of Pierogie on LTBBQ I had bought some Mrs. T’s loaded mashed potato pierogie. They would hit the spot with the brats and kraut. I also had some cooked down tomatoes from my garden I would add in, I like tomatoes with kraut at times.

This supper was prepared on My Traeger, my Instant Pot and CS skillet on stove top.

I smoked the brats on my Traeger at 190 deg. for an hour. I cut up some onion and garlic to add to the kraut and some onion to go with the pierogie. I heated the IP on sauté mode and as soon as it was hot I browned the brats in a little oil and butter 4 minutes then turned, added the onions & garlic and after 4 minutes deglazed with about half can of beer. I added in the sauerkraut and pulled them up some so they were not on the bottom. I poured the tomatoes over, about 1 ½ cups and some salt and pepper. I set the IP on Meat/Stew mode for 10 minutes.

I had thawed 7 of the pierogie in hot water so heated my CS skillet on med high with 3 TBS. butter and a TBS. of olive oil. I cooked them about 6 minutes on the first side until I was getting some browning then turned and after a couple of minutes added the onions and then spooned some of the butter over.

Sorry missed a shot of adding the tomatoes and the finished pot!

We both thought it was delicious. I use Frank’s Sauerkraut that comes in a plastic bag and it’s made in Freemont Ohio. My wife likes it sour so for this I just poured off the juices and didn’t rinse. I thought adding the tomatoes were good for a change. The brats were infused with the sour from the kraut.

Brats on my Traeger

The pierogie

Browning the brats some

Beer added to deglaze

Kraut added and then the tomatoes

Pierogie one side browned

Turned, onions added and ready to serve

My supper

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