Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Larded Pork Loin Roast, Parm Potatoes & Fried Tomatoes

Sept 20 2016

I have larded boneless pork loins a few times with great results but don’t think I ever did a bone in loin roast. I do a lot of butts for pulled pork and boneless loins but I was hungry for just a pork roast. I decide I would brine it overnight and lard it with some bacon to smoke. I had a recipe for some parmesan garlic potatoes done in an Instant Pot I wanted to try.

When I cleaned up my garden the other day I had some nice size green tomatoes I could fry for another side. They were getting ripe today but tasted good!

I had a 3.6 pound bone in loin roast that was $1 a pound. That was cheap enough but I think there was 2 pounds of bone! I brined it overnight with, 2 quarts of water, 1/3 cup of kosher salt and ¼ cup of sugar and I injected some of the brine.

I rinsed it, dried and cut about 1X1 inch slits in and inserted bacon pieces. I seasoned it with some Penzey’s Pork Chop seasoning, fresh ground pepper and some dried garlic flakes. It went in the fridge while I got my potatoes on. I got the potatoes in my IP set on “Slow Cook” high mode for 3 hours.

The roast went on my Traeger heated to 190 deg. for an hour of smoke. Then I eased the temp up over the next 1 ½ hours ending with 350 deg. grill level and IT of 155 deg. for the pork.

After I got the roast on I breaded my tomatoes, dipped in corn flour, then in an egg cream mix, then in crushed cracker crumbs. They went in the fridge about 1 ½ hours to set up before frying.

When the roast was done I tented with foil and checked the potatoes, they were not crisp like the recipe said so I put them in Sauté mode and heated the skillet to fry my tomatoes. I got the tomatoes a little too brown on the first side, had the oil & butter too hot, but the other side was good!

I served the wife and I a nice slice of the pork some potatoes and 3 slices of fried tomatoes.  It all tasted good, the pork was tender and moist with a little bacon flavor!  The potatoes turned out good but see notes in recipe.

Click Here for potato recipe

The pork loin

For the potatoes

Potatoes in the pot

For the fried tomatoes

Tomatoes breaded

Roast is done


Frying the tomatoes

My supper

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