Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spare Ribs and Potato Salad

Apr 26 2016

I was hungry for ribs so got some spare ribs from my butcher. I had made a batch of sour cream potato salad Monday. I always like beans with ribs and usually have pinto beans or some Bush’s Grillen beans I can fix for myself; the wife doesn’t like beans.

All I had was a can of Campbell’s pork and beans. While my ribs were still smoking I browned up some bacon, onions and peppers, added the beans and some hot sauce.

It was 80 deg. 75% humidity and breezy when I started to cook. It was down to 65 when I finished up. The steady breeze gave me nice smoke through the cook.

I started my ribs at 1:00PM and planned to eat at 6:00. I trimmed out the ribs St. Louis style; wet all down with some red wine vinegar and seasoned well with Penzey’s Galena St. rub. They set out about a half hour before going on the grill. I did the flap meat and trimmings too; a treat for the cook!

I did the ribs 2.5 hours on smoke 190 deg. 1.5 hours added some BBQ sauce and wrapped in foil. At 200 deg. 1 hour unwrapped at 225 deg. My grill level temps were running about 25 deg. hotter than set temp. I did go to 250 deg. the last half hour. That was a total of 5 hours cook time; I did the bend test and they looked done.

My wife toasted an English muffin for some bread and butter. It all tasted good. The ribs were bite through clean and came off the bone clean. I do like them a little more done, closer to fall off the bone!

My sauce was from a local BBQ place and I would rather have my favorite from Kah Meats, my butcher.

The ribs

2.5 hours, ready to wrap

Saucing and wrapping

5 hours and done


The smoke ring

My supper

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