Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pastrami Sandwich & Potato Salad

Apr 15 2016

I had done some pastrami and had it sliced Thursday. I wanted it for supper but the grandson had a soccer game at 6:45 so we got carry ins and went to the game. We just about froze to death!

It was a great day today got up to 72! It was dampened a little because I had to mow grass! My wife likes her pastrami Reuben style and I found a recipe for Emeril’s favorite pastrami sandwich I wanted to try. I had just bought some Maille Dijon mustard that was great, a little hot and I got a jar of Saverne Artisan Kraut made with craft beer for the wife’s sandwich. I had some deli style rye bread to use.

I made some sour cream potato salad before lunch. I used about 2 pounds of small yellow potatoes, 3 big tablespoons of sour cream, 3 celery sticks sliced thin, 5 green onions sliced thin, salt, fresh ground pepper, and a few shakes of dill weed. I had trimmed the ends and any bad spots from the potatoes and steamed them in my rice cooker. When they cooled enough I sliced them about ¼ thick, added the sour cream and mixed to coat well then added the rest of the ingredients and stirred well.

This was the first time I had used my Weber Spirit since last fall so let it go to 500 deg. and cleaned the grates and grill grates. Then I turned it down to medium.

Emeril’s recipe was pretty simple; just add two tablespoons of stone ground mustard to 4 oz. of beer stir and bring to a boil, add 6 oz. pastrami and heat for 3 minutes. Serve on rye bread. I used 6 oz. of beer and two large tablespoons of my Maille Dijon mustard and added 8 oz. of pastrami.

I made up my wife’s sandwich first. I sprayed a little olive oil on the bread and toasted one side.  I sprayed the grill grates with olive oil and added 6 oz. of pastrami about 1 ½ minutes per side, added it to the toasted side of the bread, a slice of baby Swiss cheese and then toasted on each side to melt the cheese. I took it inside and added the kraut and got her served.

I had heated the beer & mustard inside while I was making the wife’s sandwich and took it out to the grill while I sprayed my bread with olive oil and toasted both sides. When the bread was toasted I made up my sandwich with a little more of the mustard.

We both enjoyed the sandwiches and thought the potato salad was good! I think I could have had 16 oz. of the pastrami on my sandwich!

After we just got done eating the kids showed up. Our son made pastrami sandwiches for him and the grandson and they had potato salad. His wife had potato salad and some of the kraut. They all thought the potato salad was good, but I think the grandson ate all but the celery and onions from his!

Making my wife's sandwich

Making my sandwich

Yep could have ate 16 oz. 

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