Monday, April 14, 2014

Tortilla Corn Dogs and Smashed Potatoes

Apr 13 2014

I have had these in mind for a long time. Growing up in the 50’s the County fair was a yearly highlight. A deep fried corn dog painted with mustard was my favorite treat. I get hungry for one once in a while.

I thought why not just wrap them in a corn tortilla and do them on the smoker. It was just the wife and me tonight. I had potatoes so I used a weber foil pan, just right for small helpings; I sprayed with some olive oil and covered the bottom with sliced sweet onions. I nuked the potatoes the smashed and added to the pan. I had room for some carrots so I sliced two small ones with a veggie peeler and added them.

I melted some butter and poured over the potatoes and seasoned with some WOW, salt and pepper. They went on my Traeger I had heated to 225 deg. grill level. I eased the temp up to 370 deg. over the next half hour.

I had slashed the dogs on both sides and they went on grill grates about 10 minutes per side. I folded each with a corn tortilla, folded over the dog then some egg wash brushed on half, rolled up and secured with tooth picks. I then brushed on more of the egg wash. I had a little problem with the tortillas tearing. I did them for 5 min. on each side and they were ready to serve.

Well they were not the same taste as deep fried corn dogs but pretty darn good. I smeared on some good mustard for my two dogs. My wife said she only wanted one dog but went back and ate her second one. She will not eat deep fried corn dogs.

Onions, potatoes and carrots ready for the smoker

Dogs ready to wrap

All done

My supper

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