Thursday, April 17, 2014

My New Weber E210

Apr 15 2014

I just bought a Weber Spirit E210 two burner gas grill. Our son and wife are buying the house they now rent so for a house warming gift I am giving them my Weber Q100 gas grill. It’s only about 3 years old and has served me well and still in new condition.

Before I bought my Traeger smoker I had a Weber Spirit 3 burner and gave that one to my oldest daughter and husband. I didn’t think I needed a gas grill but then found it was nice for some quick BBQ so I bought a little Weber Q100.

Even though I can do some good steaks and burgers on my smoker using grill grates a gas grill is handy to have when I decide I want steaks or burgers at the last minute. When you love to cook BBQ outdoors you need all the equipment you can afford!

I bought the grill from Lowe’s and it was already assembled. I sprayed all the inside with Pam and got it seasoned this afternoon and now it has a new home next to my smoking deck.

I think I am pretty well set now with my Traeger 07E pellet smoker, Weber 210 and the Weber Jumbo Joe when I get hungry for some charcoal BBQ. I am now a happy barbecuer!

My new cover I got today

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