Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tatonka Grilled Sirloin Salad for Two

Apr 15 2014

It did get above freezing enough to melt most of the snow today. It was windy and felt a bitter cold since we had some nice spring weather. I wanted a steak salad for supper tonight.

I got two small pieces of sirloin from my butcher that was just a pound. I didn’t look close enough and the larger piece was tapered to on the thin side but it would work. I went to the grocery and got some Italian mix salad, asparagus; extra sharp white cheddar and some take home and bake garlic knots.

After lunch I made some Italian dressing for the salad. I cleaned the asparagus and nuked for 2 ½ minutes to get crispy done. About 2 hours before cooking I seasoned the sirloin with some porcini mushroom powder and Tatonka dust then covered and in the fridge. I sliced a large sweet onion thin and caramelized in a little butter, olive oil, a pinch of sugar and sea salt. I left them in the skillet and reheated some while the steaks were resting.

I made up the salads with the Italian mixed greens, asparagus and some thin sliced extra sharp cheddar. I baked the garlic knots and made a side of canned pear halves with a little organic coarse brown sugar sprinkled on.

I had the Traeger at 380 to 390 deg. grill level and did the steaks on grill grates 7 minutes on each side. I had placed the thinner one on the colder side. I trimmed some of the fat and sliced the sirloin thin on a bias and placed about half on each salad, I poured some of my Italian dressing over and topped with some caramelized onions.

My wife and I both loved this dish; the steak was tasty and melt in your mouth tender. My wife said the pears are good what did you do to them, I said sprinkle on a little brown sugar! Sometimes it doesn’t take much to impress her!
Seasoning the steaks

Asparagus for the salad


Steaks were just turned here

Resting for 5 minutes


My supper

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