Friday, April 25, 2014

Sockeye Salmon with Brussels Sprout Salad

Apr 24 2014

I fixed tonight’s supper on a healthier note; wild caught sockeye salmon over rice and a Brussels sprout salad. The salad I adapted from a recipe I got from attending a cooking school at Bon Ami Gabi restaurant, in Las Vegas.

The salmon was frozen skin on filets I had thawed out. I marinated the salmon with Lawry’s teriyaki with pineapple for 30 minutes. The rice was Zatarain’s New Orleans style yellow rice done in my rice cooker.

I made up the vinaigrette, cleaned and sliced the Brussels sprouts and mixed them about 2 hours before supper. I fried up the bacon and saved in the fridge. I found some salad topping that was pomegranate flavored dried cranberries and sugar coated walnuts so I didn’t have to roast walnuts.

After getting the salad ready I worked a couple hours staining the tile grout in our foyer. That’s major work for this ole man down on my hands and knees. I wanted to do the salmon on my new Weber gas grill but we were getting some sprinkles and I was tired so I did the salmon in a Lodge steel skillet stovetop. I sprinkled on some Penzey’s Fox Point seasoning and did them in some olive oil for 6 minutes skin side down, and then I turned for 3 minutes. I removed the skin and flipped back for a minute before serving.

The wife and I both enjoyed this meal. For healthier I think this is my favorite meal, fish over rice and a good salad. If you want healthier yet omit the bacon on the salad; but it’s so good!
Brussels sprouts



Salmon in marinade

My salad

My supper

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