Sunday, February 9, 2014

Red Beans and Rice W/Pickled Pork

Feb 07 2014

Growing up my Mother made a lot of ham and beans served with corn bread, because it was my Dad’s favorite meal. I did not like them too well; but that was back when you ate what was served or went to bed hungry! Later on I learned to love beans fixed many different ways.

Besides loving to cook and eat I enjoy knowing the history of different dishes. The internet makes it easy to find recipes and find out where it came from. Early when I started cooking I got into trying Cajun and Creole food. Red beans and rice was some good eating. I always thought it was Cajun but looking it up again I found it was actually a Creole dish. It was a Monday food, Monday was wash day and it was easy for the women to put some beans on cooking with whatever leftover meat they served on Sunday while they did the wash.

It can be made with about any leftover pork and chicken. I found a recipe years ago that uses smoked sausage and pickled pork which is my favorite. I had some vacuum packed pickled pork in the freezer from the last time I made some. I had smoked it but prefer just to add it right from the pickling jar. After smoking it comes out a little dry. I use smoked sausage from my butcher and like to give it a second smoke in my Traeger.

I made my beans and rice Thursday; it always tastes better the second day so I reheated it for Friday’s supper. My wife does not like beans so she had leftover pizza and a salad. I had baked a loaf of my artisan bread to have.

I was also anxious to try the Maredsous Brune Belgium beer a fellow member of LTBBQ had sent to me. That beer hit the spot, it had been a long time since I had a good Belgium beer. It had a nice brown color and a smooth caramel and fruity taste! Thanks FB!

I had smoked the sausage earlier and soaked the beans overnight. Below are photos of how I put the beans and all together. I had all my seasonings and veggies ready and I cooked the beans a little over an hour then drained before adding to the pot.

Onions, celery, peppers sauteed and some dried garlic flakes added

Sausage and black pepper added

Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and Cajun seasoning added

Pickled pork and ketchup added

Soaked and cooked beans to add

Beans added

Covered w/water, bay leaf and thyme added
Boil then simmer for 1 1/2 hours
Parsley added the last half hour

The Belgium beer

Beans reheated and served over rice w/bread and butter

All mixed up to eat

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