Thursday, February 13, 2014

2nd Batch of Artisan bread in 5

Feb 11 2014

I mixed my second batch of bread up Feb. 11 so it had been in the fridge for 4 days. I used a little more flour in this batch and it did look better to me.

My new metal pizza peel had come today and was anxious to use it. I still have problems getting the dough out to cloak without getting dough all over my hands. I just plop it down in the bowl with flour, wash my hands and then form the ball. I did well with the cloaking and had a nice ball after 4 times around the bread. I had put corn meal on the peel and placed it there for the 40 min. rise.

I guess I didn’t put enough corn meal on the peel; I had to use a spatula to nudge it off and onto my cast iron griddle. After 30 minutes baking it looked done so took it out to cool. It looked nice even though I deformed slightly getting it off the peel. My slits came out nice and it was starting to look more like the ones in the book.

Ready to bake


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