Saturday, February 8, 2014

My 3rd Loaf of Artisan Bread in 5

Feb 07 2014

Nothing better to do on a frigid day but bake some bread; it never got over 9 deg. today. This was my 3rd loaf of No knead bread in 5. They had said you could get up to 4 loaves from a batch but I used it up for the loaf.

They recommend baking the bread on a baking stone but I did the first two loaves in a steel skillet I let it do the 40 minute rise in. The other day I bought a Lodge 10.5 inch round griddle; I could use this for the bread and do pizzas on plus other uses. It will be easier to store than a stone, running out of room.

I wanted to let the griddle preheat but I didn’t have a peel yet, glad I ordered one today! I had a little trouble again getting the ball cloaked, seemed like I used a lot of flour. I sprinkled some cornmeal on a flexible cutting board I have and placed the ball on the edge. I figured I could pick that up and slide it on the griddle. Well that didn’t go so well; it didn’t want to slide off and had to help it with a spatula. It deformed the ball some but didn’t turn out too bad.

They said a way to get your bread to taste better, a little more like sour dough, was to make up a second batch right away in the proofing bowl. It said to just scrape down the sides and incorporate it in with the batch. I used 7 cups of flour this time instead of the 6 ½ cups since It was too wet to me to form a good ball. I also never got my cuts to turn out as nice as all the pictures in the book.

I mixed the batch up and let it rise for two hours, looked good! It went in the fridge for proofing and I will have at least 3 loaves to bake over the next two weeks. I want to try a pizza from this batch too.

I sliced this loaf to have a couple slices with butter and red beans and rice for my supper. I reheated some pizza in a steel skillet with lid for my wife’s supper. I burnt the bottom but she doesn’t care for the crust much anyway and was happy eating the toppings! The bread was super and there’s plenty for our supper tomorrow.

Ball made and a 40 minute rise before baking

Done baking


Leavings from first batch

2nd batch mixed

After the 2 hour rise and ready for the fridge

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