Sunday, February 9, 2014

Muffin Pan Beef Rouladen Stacks

Feb 08 2014

This morning it was just 6 deg. F but was supposed to get to 20 deg. The sun came out and there was no wind; so it didn’t seem too cold; a good day to cook out.

I had wanted to try this for a long time; beef rouladen stacks done in a muffin pan. I have done a lot of chicken stacks in a muffin pan but never tried beef.

They were pretty simple to make. I crossed two slices of smoked beef bacon in three of the pan holes. A layer of thin eye of round dredged in flour, a slice of sweet onion, a dill pickle slice, another slice of the beef; then fold the bacon over and secure with a tooth pick.

I did up two sweet onions; the top sliced off, center cored, a little granulated beef bouillon, a pat of butter then sprinkle more bouillon over.  I had just the right size to fit the muffin pan.

A side was some Bob Even’s loaded mashed potatoes and I made brown gravy from a Pioneer brand packet. I used to would never think of buying mashed potatoes but the older I get the more short cuts I take; especially for sides.

I did these at 275 deg.F  grill level for 40 minutes. I took the stacks out of the muffin pan and on the grill for another 40 minutes at 350 deg. I served them with the onion, mashed potatoes and gravy. I had a Hoppin Helles too.

They had great taste but the beef was a little on the tuff side. Rouladens I think are best browned up then slow simmered in gravy. Chicken seems to be more suited to muffin pan stacks. I had to try this though and it did taste good.


Beef before I pounded out some

Making the stacks

Ready for the smoker

After 40 minutes, removed from the pan and on the grill to finish

All done

My Supper

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