Sunday, February 23, 2014

Naan with Bread in 5 dough

Feb 23 2014

Naan flat bread from India is great bread to have with dishes you have good broth, sauces or gravy to sop up. I used to get some good Naan at Walmart then like usual they quit having it. Our daughter in law loved it too.

I am starting to get the hang of working with my Artisan no knead Bread in 5 dough so I thought I would try some Naan. The recipe is in the book and the flat breads you fry in a skillet are the fasted breads you can prepare. I used my 12 inch Lodge steel skillet.

I made two and was done in just over a half hour. If you decide at noon you want some bread with your evening meal and you have dough in the fridge you can do it up fast. It tastes a lot better than if you ran to the store to buy some.

I still do not have them thin enough but not bad for the first time. My first one is on the right below; though the picture does not show it well my second one was thinner and came out better. I will give one to our daughter in law and try the other myself.

My supper tonight , pork tenderloin, does not call for bread but I may have to try some anyway!

2nd loaf frying


  1. I've never made nann before - yours looks terrific.

  2. Thanks Pam it should have been thinner than I got; a little less than 1/4 inch but like bread. Don