Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ciabatta w/bread in 5

Feb 20 2014

I decided to try some Ciabatta from my dough. It’s not too much different from making the standard loaf. You keep your hands wet and don’t use flour when forming the bread. You form it into an elongated loaf about ¾ of an inch thick; I use my hands to do this. The book said to let it rise for 20 to 40 minutes. Going longer will give you more holes, the good nooks and crannies, in the bread. I let mine rise for 30 minutes and that worked well for me.

You dust it with a little flour just before baking. I was having trouble getting the bread off my metal peel and the book says to use parchment paper. That works great and after about 12 minutes the bread is set enough you pull the parchment paper out so the bottom browns well. If it sticks some just use a spatula to help.

I checked this loaf after 25 minutes and let it go another 3 minutes. It came out good and went well with our supper; a chicken stir fry.

 Loaf formed

Ready for the oven


Ready to slice


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