Saturday, July 29, 2017

Grilled Peaches, Onion & Bacon Salad

Jul 29 2017

I posted this under healthy because it is healthy and the bacon just makes it tastier! You can make it as healthy as you want by using less or no bacon, I think it would still taste good.
I used some spring mix salad and baby spinach in place of arugula, I can never buy arugula around here. The peaches were Ohio peaches and I grilled a slice of onion for me, the wife didn’t want any.

I grilled a pound of bacon up early on my Traeger and used 6 slices in my salad. For the dressing I just used 1/3 cup of oil, I don’t care for a lot of oil in my salads. I used Feta cheese instead of goat since I had some on hand and it tastes a lot like goat cheese. I grilled the onion on my Weber Spirit for 4 min. per side and the peaches for 1 min. on the cut side. I could have had more char so next time will do for 2 minutes.

Tasted great and I think all the flavors went well together. Sorry about my photos, one was not very good and didn’t take very many of the process.

Click Here for printable recipe


Grilled peaches & onions

Salad mixed

My supper

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